Mom & Pop Retailers

At the ASD Show last week, we heard from many “mom and pop” retailers who are always on the hunt for bargains on merchandise that has been pre-priced for a higher amount.

This is the deal we were able to buy and now want to pass along to others.  We have bought a large Hat Assortment on a variety of Licensed/Non-Licensed baseball hats (adjustable and fitted) that were made to ship to our nation’s largest stores (the stores rhyme with Narget, Lowell’s and Dander Countain).  These hats have all been pre-priced from $5.95 to $14.95.  Management has allowed us to sell these hats to our accounts for $1 (less than a cheeseburger on the McDonald’s Dollar menu) so you can retail for $2 and still offer the customer a savings of at least $4 off of the regular ticketed price.  For large orders, we are able to pack in an assortment so that your stores can show a variety.

Contact us today for more information

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