Sachs Clutch Kits

Some mechanics say Sachs Clutches for passenger cars and commercial vehicles are the best in the world.  Sachs manufactures their clutches in accordance with OEM regulations. According to Sachs, “Our clutches are technically perfect and tried and tested thousands of times.”

What else needs to be said? If you want quality, uncompromising performance, long service life, all for the right price, Sachs is your first choice.

These kits include the pressure plate, clutch disc, release bearing, pilot bearing and the alignment tool.  Whether you are buying a clutch for re-sale or buying it so that you can replace the one you have, stick with quality and choose Sachs New Super Sets.

PAR International has made an unbelievable purchase of thousands of brand new Sachs Clutch Kits.

We can provide you with other cross reference part numbers that you may need, if you are currently using some of the other well known names, such as Daiken, Perfection or Valeo.

We can save you 50% off your regular costs …Guaranteed!

We have these Clutches in our warehouse and we’re ready to take orders and save you money!  We can offer terms subject to proper credit information submitted to us.

Let PAR International be your strategic partner in helping you add money to your bottom line.  Our list of part numbers and prices are available upon your request.

Please contact us at and ask about our Sachs Clutch Deal.

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Ball Bearings

We need all of these ball bearings sold!  Any Reasonable Offer Will Be Accepted, any offer will be responded to.  Made by the World Famous ZYZ Bearing Company and HZ Bearing Company in China.  We have the following ball bearing part numbers in stock

Part #                                            Description     Quantity   USD Each

406314-2                                      Ball Bearing       2,700         $1.25

Alt #: 40 64 x 14 mm

6210 Deep Groove                      Ball Bearing        10,000       $2.00

Alt #: 6210-2RS Bearing 50 x 90 x 20

6824                                              Ball Bearing        5,000         $5.00

Alt #: 6824 Bearing  120 x 150 x 16 Sealed

ball_bearing ball_bearing_2 ball_bearing_3

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Mom & Pop Retailers

At the ASD Show last week, we heard from many “mom and pop” retailers who are always on the hunt for bargains on merchandise that has been pre-priced for a higher amount.

This is the deal we were able to buy and now want to pass along to others.  We have bought a large Hat Assortment on a variety of Licensed/Non-Licensed baseball hats (adjustable and fitted) that were made to ship to our nation’s largest stores (the stores rhyme with Narget, Lowell’s and Dander Countain).  These hats have all been pre-priced from $5.95 to $14.95.  Management has allowed us to sell these hats to our accounts for $1 (less than a cheeseburger on the McDonald’s Dollar menu) so you can retail for $2 and still offer the customer a savings of at least $4 off of the regular ticketed price.  For large orders, we are able to pack in an assortment so that your stores can show a variety.

Contact us today for more information

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Alliance Truck & Equipment Filters By Wix Corporation

Wix is recognized as a global leader in filtration and Freightliner is world renown as the manufacturer of quality, heavy-duty trucks. Alliance was the private label name that was used by the No.1 Truck Manufacturer in the United States, Freightliner LLC. Several months ago, Freightliner decided to stop using this private label name used for over 10 years and sold their entire inventory of truck filters to PAR International. These filters are made by Wix and are in the Alliance packaging.

As we all know the heart of the vehicle is the engine, and the lungs of the engine are the filtration system.  Quality filters will ensure that most contaminants that normally go to the fuel, coolant and oil will continue to be held back from reaching the heart of the vehicle. This of course will help our vehicles live a long life with proper maintenance and service. PAR International has purchased over 50,000 Alliance / Wix filters that include  Air filters, Fuel filters, Lube filters, Water filters and Coolant filters. We can provide you with any cross reference part numbers that you may need, if you are currently using some of the other well known names, such as Baldwin, Donaldson, Fleetguard and Luberfiner. These filters will protect most diesel engines, i.e., Mack, Navistar, Ford, GMC, Cummins, Caterpillar, Volvo, Detroit Diesel, Kawasaki and other construction engine brands. We can save you 50% off your regular costs …Guaranteed! We have these filters in our warehouse and we are ready to take orders and save you money! We can offer terms subject to proper credit information submitted to us. Let PAR International be your strategic partner in helping you add money to your bottom line.  Our list of part numbers and prices are available upon your request. Please contact us at and ask for our Alliance / Wix filter specials.

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Factors That Can Make or Break Your Wholesale Business!

The wholesale business industry today is one of the biggest industries in the world. To be a successful wholesale business owner, among the millions of wholesale suppliers who are competing for dollars, you need to be aware of the factors that influence your business-and from the economy to the type of supplies that you deal in -there are many factors that will affect your success, both internal and external.

Internal factors are those you can control- your business plan, marketing, investment, and knowledge of the wholesale business are all important factors to your success. It’s important to understand the wholesale business industry before jumping in. Inexperience, lack of expertise, and general lack of business knowledge will hamper a new wholesale business owner. Pricing, cost of doing business, hiring the right employees and marketing your business appropriately are all important skills to master before you begin this profitable business.

External factors, including economic and industrial conditions, can also influence the success of your business. Increased competition may cause you to lower costs in order to stay competitive. Market conditions, the general economy, and even the type of products you sell will affect your business. It’s important to be agile and have an effective business plan, spot trends, and generally be very close to your business in order to succeed.

Wholesale business can be a great way to start your own business, gain independence and a steady income with little overhead. Wholesale businesses are more cost effective and competitive in today’s economy.  So if you’re interested in this opportunity, do yourself a favor:  do your research, talk to other owners, and decide if owning a wholesale business is right for you.

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How to Profit from the Incredible Business Opportunities in Drop Shipping

If you’re an online retailer, small business owner,or considering a new business in retailing, you need to check out the opportunities in drop shipping. Drop shipping is a process where a wholesaler stores,  packages,  and ships your inventory directly to your customers. It’s a terrific benefit for small business owners as you won’t need to worry about the overhead of storing your own inventory or the time involved in packaging and shipping your products to your consumers.

Drop shipping can help you start a new business, increase your product offering, and streamline your workload.  The increase in drop shipping across online businesses is providing exciting opportunities to start a new business with little overhead.  You can also run a drop shipping business from home- with a computer, a phone, and a website! And for a small business, the cost of drop shipping is small, because instead of  shipping the product from yourown retail store, you can hire a warehousing company to store,  package and ship – an earn significant profits from the sale.

You will need to be able to market and advertise the products you sell. It’s important to spend a lot of time researching your target markets for the various products you wish to sell. Many retailers will offer catalogues of product offerings to consumers.

Finding a reputable company for your drop shipping needs is crucial to the success of your business. There are many sellers on online auction sites that are reputable. The sellers will advertise their items as being new and put them up for auction and sell it to the highest bidder online. The seller profits out of the profit that is made from the sale.

Many different types of products are drop shipped, and you’ll need to research your market, your customers, and your business model to find the products and drop shipping company to fit your business.  Drop shipping is worth consideration- it’s a highly profitable way to make money through wholesale products, without the hassle and expense of storing, packaging, and shipping products yourself.

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What to look for when buying quality discount auto parts:

When you’re looking to purchase quality discount auto parts and accessories, choosing the right company to do business with is critical. There are several things to keep in mind when you need discount auto parts, and choosing the right company can help you reach your business goals. You want to find the right amount of inventory in parts and accessories, at the right price.

First, look for a company with experienced leadership and an extensive client and supplier base. The more experienced the company, the more dependable they’re likely to be.  And an extensive network of customers and suppliers ensures not only optimum inventories for you, but also a level of trust from establishing superior business practices over time.

Price is, of course, one of your main goals. Look for a company that owns their own warehouse, without a middle man. You’ll see more savings if you deal directly with the company instead of through a third party- which can easily minimize your costs and maximize your purchase.  A large warehouse with the capability of stocking thousands of parts ensures low costs.

Don’t forget quality. The lowest prices in the world are meaningless if quality is compromised. Again, a company with direct warehouse inventories is the way to go. Because company associates can inspect and monitor quality on-site, you won’t have to take a chance on third party quality issues. You’ll also save significant shipping time.

Companies who specialize in buying large lots of auto parts and accessories can be a good bet- unless you find out that you need to buy the entire lot, which may contain parts and accessories you really don’t need. If your discount auto parts company doesn’t offer the option to pick and choose, you should consider finding one that does.

The bottom line: when you can combine price, quality, quantity, and flexibility, you really are maximizing your purchasing power. So do some research before you buy your next lot of auto parts inventory- it’s worth some time to find the right company for your business needs.

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