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“Our business will only succeed if we are fair, with both the Suppliers
we purchase from and the Buyers we sell to.”

Before PAR, it was Consolidated International, Inc. & The Schottenstein Stores Corp.

Sol Shenk & Jerome Schottenstein
Sol & Jerome were the best, most recognizable and most influential people in the closeout industry. They knew how to buy and sell and deal. big or small. They were risk takers using their own money and always took possession of the goods into their own warehouses.

Together, Sol & Jerome started Consolidated International, Corp. in the early 1970’s. From automotive parts, to vehicles and equipment to consumer goods, eventually, Consolidated International started the Big Lots Retail Chain and went public.

The rest, as it is said, is history
With help from Eli Goldach, Dan Stergiou & Dan Goldach, Consolidated International grew into a powerhouse of buying & selling motor vehicles, construction equipment, surplus automotive parts and consumer closeout products.

Vehicle & Equipment Deals Parts Deals Consumer Closeout Deals
  • The Diamond Reo Truck manufacturing company
  • The Bricklin Car Company
  • The Delorean Car Company 167 Right-hand drive CJ-6 Jeeps
  • Over 5,600 brand new Flat, Bravada & Strada
  • 315 GM Vehicles and over 5,100 Chrysler/Dodge vehicles bought directly from GM and Chrysler
  • 333 Flat-Allis bulldozers worth $15 million
  • 250 International Harvester Tractors and 15 Crawler Loaders
  • 118 GMC Astro Trucks & 85 Hua Tung Tractor Trucks
  • 150 new Ford Step Vans
  • The Pleasurecraft marine division of Bangor Punta and over 4,000 brand new Ford engines, Borg Warner and Volvo outdrives
  • 20 million Champion spark plugs
  • $15 million worth of engines from Hyundai Motor Co.
  • $7 Million of Detroit Diesel engines
  • $20 million of Gabriel Shocks
  • 40,000 starters & alternators
  • 50,000 Borg Warner Oxygen Sensors
  • 150,000 sets of brake shoes & pads from assets of Auto Specialty Bankruptcy
  • 30,000 Starters & Alternators from Worldwide Automotive
  • 400,000 sets of Raybestos brake shoes & brake pads and Performance brake pads
  • 100,000 sets of Morse ceramic brake pads
  • 350,000 Trico wiper blades & 100,000 washer pumps and refills
  • Zollner Pistons
  • 20,000 Four Seasons air conditioner compressors
  • $30 million of Popeil - AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS, Veg-O-Matics, Whip-O-Matics, Pocket Fisherman & Crepe Magicians
  • $15 million of GAF Cameras
  • $12 million of Schick hair dryers, stylers, and electric shavers
  • 35,000 NASCAR Crock Pots by Rival
  • 250,000 electronic tools by Strait-line
  • 23,000 Whirlpool Washer/Dryer storage units
  • 62,000 Fathead posters
  • 125,000 Dupont smoke alarms
  • 15,000 Scoozies talking pets
  • 400,000 Spalding Top-Flight golf balls
  • 40,000 Intermatic Flood Lights

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